Ocean Cities, an international network of cities in harmony with the marine environment

Ocean Cities (OC-NET) is a network of marine cities committed with sustainability, permeability and regeneration of natural marine environments, for and with its population. OC‐NET is an interdisciplinary and bottom‐up transformative program, which will change how coastal cities and their inhabitants perceive, interact and evolve with the ocean, from the surrounding waters to the single global ocean.

Cities concentrate most of the world’s population. Thus, they have a major impact on land‐ocean ecosystems and climate, and are among the least resilient environments. OC‐NET combines scientific knowledge, research synergies, and social awareness to effectively impact the city’s evolution and the ocean’s sustainability.

OC-NET started on June 8, 2021, initially running for 5 years, with 2 years of implementation plus 3 years of operation. OC-NET will naturally scale up in time as a result of its own process of reflection and action, so that it may eventually extend for the entire decade.

OC-NET covers five ocean basins (North Atlantic, South Atlantic, Indian, North Pacific, South Pacific) and three enclosed seas (Caribbean, Mediterranean and South East Asian). As such, it will be a global program covering most of the coastal countries. OC-NET founding partners are based in Argentina, Australia, Colombia, Chile, India, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Portugal, South Africa and Spain. In addition, OC-NET relies on the city council of Barcelona and two city networks, Medcities and C40, among its founding partners.