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Health of the marine system:

Cities and coastal towns concentrate a large share of the world’s population and play a pivotal role as major contributors to the well-being of the ocean.

Addressing marine pollution is essential, alongside the identification of the multiple stressors on nearshore natural communities, together with the protection and restoration of ecosystems and biodiversity, all contributing to unlocking ocean-based solutions to climate change.

Achieving a comprehensive health index for the ocean requires the development of robust scientific capacities, encompassed in skills, knowledge, and technology for all, and the establishment of an effective observing system, encapsulated in the expansion of the Global Ocean Observing System.

Associated UN Ocean Decade Challenges:

Challenge 1 Understand and beat marine pollution
Challenge 2 Protect and restore ecosystems and biodiversity
Challenge 5 Unlock ocean-based solutions to climate change
Challenge 7 Expand the Global Ocean Observing System
Challenge 9 Skills, knowledge and technology for all