The OC-NET Alliance represents an extended network of organizations supporting the OC-NET programme, which may be involved in the implementation of one or several actions.

Members of the Alliance (extended partnership) integrate the Scientific Advisory Committee, which is responsible to provide advice and guidance to the central coordination of the programme, including the scientific and societal assessment of deficiencies and potential solutions. In this way, the Alliance will participate in the design and evaluation of actions. It will also contribute to the dissemination of all products, from calls to reports, hence increasing the synergies among the community.

Current OC-NET members of the Alliance are the following

– BaU Design College of BCN, Spain

– European Citizen Science Association (ECSA)

– Instituto de Gestión de la Innovación y del Conocimiento (INGENIO), Spain

– La Fura dels Baus, Spain

– Stazione Zoologica Anton Dohrn, Italu

– The European University of the Sea (SEA-EU)